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LIBRA Synesthesia Portrait Pendant

LIBRA Synesthesia Portrait Pendant

Perfect for astrology lovers! This piece features a design based on the colours of the word LIBRA and has a tiny, subtle Libra symbol ♎ in the centre.

1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter

18 inch (46cm) black waxed necklace cord

Each design is glued to the pendant base under glass, ensuring that the design will not scratch or degrade due to everyday wear and tear.

The colour of the pendant base is copper unless another colour is specifically requested.

*this is subject to what I have available at the time and I may not be able to accommodate your request*

Please note that these pieces are not hand painted. They are high quality digital prints of my original work. This is in an effort to be able to offer more custom pieces every month at a more affordable price.

To clean, use a dry microfibre cloth (the same type you'd use for glasses or device screens) or wipe with a paper towel lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. Do not submerge your pendant in water as the seal under the glass is not always watertight, and may damage the art underneath.

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