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9" Wooden Heart Custom Name Portrait

9" Wooden Heart Custom Name Portrait

A hand painted, original piece of art based on any name or word! Choose a maximum of two names for this piece. If you choose two names, the piece will be split down the middle with one name on each side of the heart unless otherwise indicated.

It is 9" wide, 7" tall, and 3/4 of an inch thick

Sealed under resin to prevent damage and add a glossy finish.

Includes a small hook and the nails required to attach it so the piece can be hung on a wall.

Due to the fact that I have sound-colour synesthesia, the sound of a name tells me what it looks like, and I paint it as accurately as I can. The best part is, every single portrait is completely unique. Even two portraits of the same name won't be identical because I do not use templates when painting- all of my patterns are improvised.

Please note that original artwork takes time, and it may take up to six weeks before your piece is shipped.

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